About Us

Hapilian Group Has Been Established in 2000 as a company engaged in General Construction with Government entities, oil Companies, Local and international organizations , to assist and offer our various logistic services. Our objective is to provide professional and services to our clients through highly qualified, trained and experienced personnel. Hapilian Group is capable to offer advanced services and partnership to client companies. No matter how challenging their technology or services issues may be, to ensure a high level of trust in our services. We focus on the Core needs of our partners and defend the interests of all parties. we understand the land, the environment for oil and gas companies to conduct their operations create job opportunities for the local citizens : solve the disputes between local citizens and the companies in accordance to applicable Yemeni laws so that oil and gas operations and production continue. With Our Experience & Profesional Know - How We Shall Be Always Ready To Perform Whatever & However Required of Our Services With The Best Quality Reasonable Cost & Shortest Posible Construction Period. We are Available in all Yemen Governorates & Arabian Golf . We at Hapilian Group for general constructions, Oil & Gas services are very concerned to apdate all the legal documents and authorizations required to perform our services to our clients. We have been registered at the Ministry of Commerce & Industry with registration no. (688)


- We are capable to offer and supply all kinds of products related oil and gas industries through our manufacturing facilities and also through the co-operative with the well known manufactures world-wide .

- Business is not just doing deals; business is having great products, doing great engineering, and providing tremendous services to customers. Finally, business is a cobweb of human relations based on high quality, honesty & trust between the company & consumer .


We will:

- ct with the highest ethical standards.

- Honor our promises and obligations.

- Serve others.

- Place the success of others above our own.

- Understand and execute our strategy.

- Learn and continuously develop ourselves and others.

- Communicate freely, clearly, and concisely.

- Listen for understanding.

- Encourage diverse opinions and constructive debate.

We will not:

- Take individual credit for team success.

- Blame individuals for bad team decisions.


- We are not working alone. We are dealing with a wide range of local and international companies to meat all our clients' demand.