Complete Catering & Supplying Catering Goods

Hapilian has a wide range of supplying chain services in Yemen related to Catering (Complete) & supplying food, Vegetables, fruits, Fresh Fish, Fresh meat, Dry Goods, and etc... to Oil/Gas fields & to any other sites as per clients' requirements and international standards. we have our managed warehouse, with refrigeration facility, and refrigerated Trucks for transporting materials from our warehouse to our client's sites.

Catering Services

- Housekeeping

- Laundry Services

- Instant Cooking

- Shelf Stable Meals

- Restaurants & Banqueting

Agro & Poultry Products

- Fresh Vegetables

- Fruits

- Eggs

- Meat

Beverages & Processed Food

- Milk

- Minerals Water

- Soft Drinks

- Canned Food